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Konica SRX-201A

Konica SRX-210A Mid-Volume Processor SRX-201A Mid-Volume Processor

Ideally suited for all mid-volume applications

Three processing speeds at the touch of a button.

Excellent choice for dedicated active mammography applications.

Active circulation system for more consistent film processing.

Multiple Speed for Maximum Versatility
The SRX-201A offers processing speeds of 60, 90, and 170 seconds. This will allow you to choose the optimum cycle speed to match your processing needs whether it be orthochromatic, mammographic, or any other conventional imaging film. The transport system accepts film sizes from a minimum 8" x 10" up to and including 14" x 17" crosswise, or two, side-by-side 8" x 10" films.

Bilateral Circulation for Stable Processing
One-piece construction of the processing rack assemblies enables the developer and fixer solutions to be properly circulated.

Technology in Design
The processor tank is constructed from materials to resist the corrosive effects of the processing chemicals. The onepiece design of the evaporation barrier and transport rack help to minimize chemical exhaust.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
Automatic Chemical Supply
The SRX-201A automatically (or by operator control) replaces developer and fixer solution minimizing the risk of chemical splash and staining.

Standby Function
In addition to the normal jog cycle standby function (0–30 minutes), a night standby function is incorporated for emergency situations at facilities such as hospitals which operate 24 hours a day.

Self Rinsing Crossover Rack The SRX-201A is designed with a self rinsing developer-fixer cross-over rack. The rollers in the cross-over rack are continually washed, thus minimizing regular cleaning and chemical carry out.

Compact Design Combined with Simple Operation
The control panel has a separate indicator for chemical temperature and system error monitoring, enabling simple operation. All system indicators and buttons are simply designed, providing easy and reliable access to the information. The SRX-201A’s compact design requires just 0.429 square meters (approx. 7 square feet) of space, excluding feed tray, to install.

Safety function
The SRX-201A incorporates a number of safety functions such as the safety interlock mechanism. This is designed to stop the processor when the top cover is opened. In addition, the SRX-201A has a darkroom function mode to enable you to turn off all indicator lights when the unit is installed completely within a darkroom.

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