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AFP Mini-Med 90 Film Processor

AFP Mini-Med 90 Film Processor The World’s Most Popular Compact X-Ray Film Processor

Over 21,000 Installed

‘Mini-Medical’…The most popular compact x-ray film processor in the world.

”The Mini-Medical is the perfect choice for small offices, clinics, satellite health care facilities and mobile installations.“

High Diagnostic Quality, Low Maintenance
The AFP Mini-Med delivers the highest quality x-ray images, week after week, year after year. Fully automatic and fully warrantied, you get the best of both worlds: outstanding film processing quality and years of trouble-free operation.

Mini-Medical: Maxi-Savings
Why has the AFP Mini-Med remained so popular over the years? The reason is simple: it’s simple. Simple… as in easy to use. Simply functional. Simply reliable. All those simples add up to another big ‘S’ word: Savings. The Mini-Medical has been designed with many of the time, space and money saving features usually found only in higher priced models.

Easy to maintain, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty
The simplicity of the AFP Mini-Med carries right through to the easy-to-understand operating manual that accompanies every unit. Should warranty repair be necessary, the Mini-Medical is backed by a comprehensive one year parts warranty and 2 years on the drive motor and recirculating pumps. Just contact a factory trained dealer service representative for prompt responsive service.

Fast, Versatile... Loaded with FeaturesEasy Operation and Maintenance The AFP Mini-Medical/90 is a 90–second workhorse that pays for itself with smooth, steady efficiency in practically no time at all. Built and priced to make years of film developing cost effective, the Mini-Medical is the perfect choice for hospitals, private practices, clinics and mobile installations. Special versions of this processor are available for those dedicated to mammographic film processing. The Mini-Medical accepts all standard x-ray film sizes…from 4” x 4” (10 x 10cm) to as large as 14” x 36” (36 x 92cm)and can process 90 14” x 17” (36 x 43cm) films per hour.

Built-in quality control indicators
A visual ready indicator conveniently alerts operator after a minimal warm up period. After the last film is processed, the machine returns to an energy and water conserving standby mode. While in standby mode, a special ‘jog’ cycle is employed to guarantee consistent quality throughout the processing day. Separate indicator lights notify operator that solutions are kept at optimal levels and temperatures.

Automatic Chemical Replenisher
An electronic sensing system replenishes solutions automatically, keeping all chemicals at peak operating efficiency.

No Plumbing Necessary
An optional ‘‘no plumbing’’ kit allows the unit to function on self-contained water, making the AFP Mini-Med ideal for mobile installations, and where EPA regulations restrict effluent disposal or where no water or drains exist. (For extremely low volume user (2-3 films per day max.) a “flood replenishment” option is available.)

Automatic Wash Water Control
The AFP Mini-Med minimizes the consumption of water by eliminating flow during standby mode. Approximately 1/3 liter of fresh water is added during each jog cycle to reduce potential algae problems.

Infrared Dryer
Energy efficient I.R. heat lamps dry each film quickly and quietly. A unique pivot-back dryer rack enables easy access to wash section and for service and cleaning.

Space Saving Size
Our unique Uni-Body design requires only a minimum of precious darkroom space, measuring only 33” x 22” x 24” (83.8 x 55.9 x 61cm) overall.** Processed film exits from the front, allowing the unit to easily fit in corners or flush against walls. An optional rear film exit is available to deliver film ”through the wall“ for pick up in the exam room, laboratory, or any other example. (** **For counter storage overall footprint measures just 21” x 22” (53.9 x 55.9cm))

Reliable Efficiency
The Mini-Medical drive system is the result of years of technological advances. Ultra-reliable and incredibly rugged, our new worm drive greatly reduces the load on the system and extends motor life.

Easy to Use, Easy to Install
The AFP Mini-Med is CE approved, runs on standard 110V (220V optional) electrical supply and requires only a cold water line connection.
It can be installed either inside or outside of the darkroom (when installing inside the darkroom with developed film exiting into daylight, a rear film exit version is required). The optional ‘no plumbing’ conversion kit can be used in conjunction with replenisher tanks to eliminate the need for running water and exterior drainage, ideal for mobile medical facilities. Fixer drainage hose fittings are compatible with most standard silver recovery units. The Mini-Medical also includes replenisher storage tanks, connecting plumbing hoses and a high strength, sturdy base stand.

Seeing is believing
We’ve told you why the AFP Mini-Medical is the world’s most popular film processor (over 21,000 satisfied owners), but don’t take our word for it, make the Mini-Medical a part of your practice and see for yourself.

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