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Customer Testimonials

"Been buying Agfa film from COD for 5 years, great pricing and delivery. No need to shop elsewhere."
Dr. Silverman
Boston Ma.

"I shopped all over the country, on line, for a AFP Mini-Med processor. COD XRay came through with the best pricing and it was delivered in two days.!"
Dr. Ed W.
Chicago Il.

"Texas insurance reimbursement force chiropractors to continuously look at our budget. It was amazing that we stopped using a generic x-ray film and COD XRay provided us with a better quality x-ray film with Konica and still less money than we were paying for a generic x-ray film locally. They are great!"
Chiropractic Plus

"I have tried lesser priced films but always have better views with Kodak film. COD XRay offers Kodak film at the best price with quick delivery."
Dr. G.
Trenton, N.J.

"Six years of dealing with COD XRay and yet to be back ordered on any size. Great Konica pricing. They are a delight to deal with."
Drs. J and T
St. Louis Mo.

"At first we were skeptical because their pricing was so much less than our local dealer. Great service time to Arizona. Our orders are shipped the same day that we call them in. I love using my Visa and rack in the points on x-ray film."
F. A.
Phoenix, AZ

"It seems that everything we buy here in the Florida Keys is overpriced or delayed. Not the case with COD XRay, next day delivery and unbelievable pricing."
Dr. P.
Key West, FL.

"We first started using COD XRay in 2001. We were using a generic green film until they were able to provide us with Konica x-ray film at even a lower price than the generic. The Konica film is high contrast and is always consistent. No need to shop elsewhere."
F. M.
Dallas Texas

"We have been using COD XRay for the last 5 years or so. Here in Hawaii it is difficult getting x-ray film from the mainland. C.O.D Medical always gets our film delivered in two or three days! They have great prices to go with the high quality x-ray film."
W. O.
Honolulu Hawaii

"I am a radiologist practicing in Miami Florida. We love the fact we get next day delivery from COD XRay. Their film is always in stock and have never experienced a backorder in over ten years! I always get a live person in their customer service department. I have recommended many physicians in Miami to C.O.D Medical."
Dr. Carlos L.
Miami Florida

"We have priced x-ray film distributors all over the country. The best price for film was through COD XRay. Not only do they offer the best prices in the country, they have free technical support as well. We had a problem in our darkroom and they sent a technical representative from the manufacturer to square away the problem. They are a lot more than a mail order x-ray film company."
Drs. S. and S.
New York

"I work in several clinics in Los Angeles. COD XRay provides my doctors the exact type of x-ray film that they need. They carry all the different brands and sizes. I have saved these clinics major money by buying the film from COD XRay."
Tony F.
Los Angeles California
X-ray technician